1977 - MBA Management Systems - Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
1973 - BS Commerce and Engineering Sciences - Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


RETIRED as of March 1, 2008

BP International - Safety & Operations Audit, Lisle, IL - 6/06 to 2/08
  • Audited BP's worldwide facilities for compliance with safety and operating standards. Protocols for "Getting HSE Right", Integrity Management, Control of Work, and the BP Driving Safety Standard were used as the benchmarks against which compliance was measured.
BP America - Operations / HSSE / Diversity & Inclusion / Ethics, Naperville, IL - 1/05 to 6/06
  • Implemented and monitored supplier / 3rd party policy engagement in the areas of HSSE (health, safety, security and environmental), Diversity and Inclusion, and Ethics.  Similarly, implemented and monitored compliance for the internal IP6S organization.
  • Managed / owned relationship for BPs procurement card agreement with American Express.
  • Convener for BP's Group Outsourcing Network covering all of BP's major outsourcing activity (IT desktop and applications, telecomms, HR transactional services, finance and accounting, facilities management, refining technology, and retail site EP&C) - included co-ordination of network activity and full knowledge management.  BP's worldwide outsourcing deals were valued at $1.4 billion per annum.
BP America - Warrenville, IL - 6/03 to 1/05
  • "Double Hat" assignment in HR and Procurement.
  • Lead role in ensuring BP's Western Hemisphere Human Resources function was in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  Financial processes that were impacted included payroll, reward programs, retirement and savings plans, et al.
  • Convener for BP's Group Outsourcing Network covering all of BP's major outsourcing activity (IT desktop and applications, telecomms, HR transactional services, finance and accounting, facilities management, refining technology, and retail site EP&C) - included co-ordination of network activity and full knowledge management.  BP's worldwide outsourcing deals were valued at $1.4 billion per annum.
BP America - Downstream CFO Team, Warrenville, IL - 4/00 to 6/03
  • US Downstream Integration project management - monitored and reported on status and interdependencies of initiatives, projects and activities that impacted business integration across US BUs and /or functions - effort was web-based and included web site development/management.
  • BP Outsourcing network support - facilitator for OSBN (Oil Services Business Network) sponsored Global Outsourcing Network covering all of BP's major outsourcing activity (IT desktop and applications, telecomms, HR transactional services, finance and accounting, facilities management, refining technology, and retail site EP&C) - included co-ordination of network activity and web site development/management - BP's worldwide outsourcing deals were valued at $6 billion (over contract life).
  • BP / Accenture Initiatives project management - coordination of eInvoicing, procurement card, and eExpense (T&E) initiatives for the full slate of US Downstream businesses.
AUDIT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER - North American Refining Business Units
BP Amoco - Internal Audit, Chicago, IL - 2/99 to 4/00
  • Point of contact for Internal Audit and the seven North American Refining Business Units
  • Monitored and coordinated Business Unit assurance plans for ARCO Downstream Integration.
  • Coordinated and led a post project appraisal of the $230 million Toledo Refinery Repositioning Project.
  • Guided / assisted US refining BUs in completion of an assurance baseline across the worldwide Refining Peer Groups that was focused on cost, availability, commercial performance and innovation.

BP America - Cleveland Internal Audit, Cleveland OH - 8/97 to 1/99
  • Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Audits/Healthchecks for Lima Integrated Complex, Toledo Refinery, Alliance Refinery, and Green Lake Chemical Plant manufacturing sites.
  • Assurance Workshops/Reviews for Toledo Repositioning Project (TRP), NT Administration, Facilities Management, BP/NASSCO Crude Vessels Project, Retail Marketing and Commercial Marketing. Assurance Plan Updates for 1997 Alliance and Toledo Refinery Plans.
  • Information and PC Security Audits for BP America (Cleveland), BP Chemicals (Nitriles), BPX (Houston GoM), and Air BP (Houston).
  • Contract Audits for Alliance Refinery Maintenance (Brown & Root), Retail Marketing Buildings (Madison), TRP Engineering (Fluor and Black &Veatch Pritchard), Toledo Refinery/TRP (A.A. Boos and MELCO/Miller)
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Audits for Endicott Offshore Production Facility - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and Toledo Refinery.

    Miscellaneous Audits/Reviews:
  • Annual Business Conduct Certification
  • Annual Variable Pay (Gainshare) Program
  • Corporate Air Travel Ticketing Program
  • BP Chemical Coach Class Airfare Incentive Program
  • Alliance Refinery Foreign Trade Zone
  • Underground Storage Tank Upgrading
  • Records Retention Management
  • Air BP Customer Service Representative Operational Review
  • Lima Refinery Sale to Clark - Asset Disposal and Transfer of Rolling Stock
  • Auditing Software Applications - on-going (ACL, E&Y package, ISO 14000 Greenware)
  • BDO (Butanediol) Project Contract Reviews (Engineering & Design, Construction and Alliance Agreement)
  • EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) Rental Fees for the National Credit Card Center

    Development of BP-wide contract auditing guidelines.

    Toledo Refinery Procurement (part-time assignment, Fall 1998) - negotiated contracts for scaffolding and equipment rental services for the Spring 1999 maintenance turnaround, resulting in a $230,000 net benefit to the turnaround budget.

BP Oil - PTR (Pipelines, Terminals, Retail) Engineering, Warrensville, OH - 3/96 to 7/97
  • Advisor to BP Legal Counsel for supply and service contract matters.
  • Conducted tax recovery study for BP's environmentally related pipeline, terminal and retail projects.
  • Developed preventive maintenance program for retail bulk sites.
  • Piping, tankage and environmental project work for terminals.
BP Oil Refining - 3/93 to 2/96
  • 1/95 to 2/96 - Toledo Refinery
    On loan assignment from Cleveland HQ as Planning & Estimating Manager, directly involved in planning, estimating, budget, cost tracking, contract strategy, and engineering project coordination in support of the 1995 Fall Turnaround.
  • 6/94 to 12/94 - Lima Refinery
    On loan assignment from Cleveland HQ as Logistics-Planning Manager, I coordinated and directed cost tracking, budget and change order functions, logistical support activities, computer support and timekeeping system, and material expediting efforts for the 1994 Fall Turnaround. Major work included coordination of bidding activity for all contract work for the turnaround.
  • 3/93 to 5/94 - Alliance Refinery
    On loan assignment from Cleveland HQ as Maintenance Superintendent, I supervised and coordinated daily maintenance activity. As Area 5 Turnaround Manager, I directed the successful planning and execution of 1994 Spring Turnaround activities for the Area 5 (reforming, benzene and aromatic, sat gas and hydrotreating) process units. This work encompassed approximately 110,000 craft hours, and was completed within budget and one week ahead of schedule.

BP Oil Manufacturing and Supply, Cleveland, OH - 12/90 to 2/93
  • Coordinated development and implementation of strategy required for BPOUS to be in full compliance with Clean Air Act Carbon Monoxide Non-Attainment mandated requirements for all areas in which BPOUS markets motor gasoline.
  • Identified economic strategies, and evaluated and selected for oxygenate scenarios at each location.
  • Secured competitive ethanol contracts, displacing more expensive MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) contracts in pursuing a strategy potentially worth $20 million per year. Required continuous monitoring and analysis of oxygenate supply-demand.
  • Strategy required definition of oxygenate receipt, handling and blending facilities requirements, and implementing construction or modification work. Implementation was established as one of the 10 major Manufacturing & Supply milestones for 1992. Coordination of this milestone required monitoring approximately 60 intermediate milestones as the complexity of the program called for interfacing across most of BP's lines of business.
  • Monitored all federal and individual state regulatory and legislative issues related to oxygenated gasoline.
  • Developed and issued an MTBE handling practice crossing both refining, and terminals and distribution lines.
  • Analyzed long term MTBE storage requirements as MTBE supply contracts required year round lifting for winter season use.
BP Oil Refining, Lima, OH Refinery - 4/88 to 11/90
  • Managed Plant Engineering section (40 member staff) of Lima Refinery's Maintenance and Engineering Department. The Lima facility is a 150,000 barrel per day oil refinery.
  • Directed all refinery capital and expense project programs through authorization, engineering, procurement and construction phases, meeting project budget expenditure targets every year.
  • Performed as turnaround manager for $25 million east side refinery turnaround in 1989. This work included a $12 million FCC (cat cracker) revamp project that I coordinated prior to the turnaround and eventually managed as part of the turnaround. All turnaround and project work was completed within budget and 4 days ahead of schedule.
  • Developed a real time, first of its kind, computerized project control and information program (PCIP) and expanded it to include CPM scheduling program access via PC network for all engineers. Lima was the only BP refinery capable of monitoring project activity and costs on a real time basis.
  • Directed activity for contracting of project related outside engineering and construction services.
  • Assumed supervision for project execution group and development of a coordinated execution schedule. The maintenance department had previously handled this work.
  • Implemented merit shop contract work bidding for all capital construction projects.
  • Revised the bidding philosophy on tank work by bidding large packages representing annual programs with T&M rates for undefined work. This resulted in a streamlined procedure enabling the completion of an annual season's tank work on schedule.
  • Supervised the QA/reliability department that was largely responsible for improving operating reliability of rotating, electrical and general mechanical equipment.
  • Supervised the inspection department, which had responsibility for monitoring and insuring the integrity of static refinery equipment.
  • Developed and completed the Project Loss Control Manual within target date. Took lead role on behalf of both Plant and Process (Operations Development) Engineering groups.
  • Developed a five year tank remediation and repair program that included addressing integrity of underground pipeline systems.
  • Supervised in-house refinery drafting services and the maintenance of all plant records, drawings and files.
  • Participated as a member of the management safety inspection team, inspecting process units and equipment for safe conditions on a monthly basis.
Clark Oil & Refining Corporation, Hartford, IL Refinery - 1/85 to 10/87
  • Reporting to the Refinery Manager, was responsible for overseeing activities of 22 salaried and 105 hourly employees at this 60,000 barrel per day oil refinery. Managed all maintenance repair and capital project activity including contracting of work, expenditure approval, organization structure, training, development of PM programs, and relations with union personnel.
  • Major accomplishments included creating savings of $82,000 by innovative replacement / repair of damaged process heater roof. Reduced furnace tube repair time that saved $100,000 of lost process unit production. Corrected repeated failure of high-pressure water pump resulting in annual savings of $1,000,000.
  • Introduced PC based daily and turnaround planning and scheduling. Our turnaround and shutdown plans were all developed using CPM concepts. Our daily schedules were completely integrated for the refinery, with manpower being leveled and job steps being sequenced.
  • Instituted PC-based equipment lubrication program to generate / monitor schedules of equipment to be lubricated. Extended to PM program for coke loading (payloaders) equipment, and rotating equipment records.
  • Established as a major objective, the modernization of tools, equipment and techniques. Highlights were the purchase of a shop balancer, a bucket lift truck, laser alignment equipment, an improved plasma arc cutter, and the further use of more efficient welding techniques.
  • Implemented investment economic analysis guidelines for refinery capital projects.
  • Introduced qualification/clarification procedures for selecting contractors to work on refinery projects/repairs.
  • Reorganized the department in Fall of 1986 from craft union based work groups to process unit profit centers in order to improve our productivity and accountability.
  • Placed greater emphasis on having maintenance supervisors introduce new ideas, take increased initiative, and participate more actively in day-to-day decision-making.
  • Focused more attention on "doing jobs right the first time." Held supervisors and craftsmen accountable.
  • Sponsored a supervisory skills training program utilizing courses conducted by outside consultant.
  • Experimented with having greater craft involvement in determining how jobs were to be worked. At times the craftsmen arrived at solutions about which they became very enthused. As a result, a definite improvement in performance was realized, particularly during process unit shutdown situations.
  • Enforced and explored further use of "incidental work" clause in labor contract. This clause provided for more flexibility across craft defined work lines and was not used prior to my arrival at Clark.
  • Initiated work sampling program to determine activity levels of hourly work force.
  • Participated in contract negotiations with the 10 AFL-CIO craft unions (representing the 105 hourly employees) in 1986. Handled all grievances, work and plant rule issues, working conditions, and discipline.
  • Took lead role in asbestos regulatory, training and handling issues when safety department failed to respond to requested need for support. Became central figure in this effort.
  • As chairman of safety committee, eliminated safety backlog, work lists and unnecessary monthly safety committee meetings by taking a proactive response emphasizing safe work conditions and practices. Corrective action was taken on an immediate basis rather than waiting for work orders, lists or meetings.
  • Developed assessment center for identifying, selecting and recruiting potential supervisory candidates.
  • Responsible for approval of work orders and related expenditures up to $100,000.
  • Initiated efforts to provide continuous access to and involvement with Operating department in order to strengthen our role as a support department for refinery operations.
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc., Stavanger, Norway - 7/82 to 12/84
  • Coordinated commercial and technical matters for 12 investment partner companies, and the Norwegian and United Kingdom governments and their agencies. Monitored project progress against approved schedules. Monitored project scope and cost developments, and informed management regarding potential problem areas and recommended action plans. This project was valued at $250 million and included installation of gas dehydration and metering facilities on two offshore platforms and more than 20 miles of subsea pipelines. One of my major accomplishments was to circumvent costly delays to the offshore construction schedule resulting from vague government guidelines for barge and vessel certification and inspection by coordinating the compilation of acceptable documentation that enabled Mobil to obtain government authorization to proceed with construction. Failure to accomplish this would have resulted in losses of $250,000 per day.
  • Reviewed terms and conditions of contracts with multinational and non-Norwegian construction firms. Advised management on all contractual matters, claims, closeouts, awards and amendments, and processed approvals.
  • Solicited support and funding for all project activities from Mobil management and investment partners, and obtained approval for project activities from governmental and regulatory bodies.
  • Advised project manager on commercial and procedural matters, labor relations, public and governmental affairs.
  • Conducted monthly project status review meetings for the investment partners and government agencies. For this presentation it was essential for me to keep up to date in monitoring performance and providing all relevant facts to the satisfaction of the investment partners.
  • Developed construction vessel and diving qualification procedures for offshore construction work. Strict Norwegian regulations required vessels and diving equipment to meet stringent specifications. Contingency manuals had to be put in order with lifesaving equipment adhering to tight standards.
  • Presented status reviews of the project to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in 1983 and 1984.
  • Participated integrally in 1983 negotiations between Norwegian and United Kingdom companies for project cost split and facilities definition for landing of UK share of Statfjord field gas in the UK. Once agreement had been reached, my duties were expanded to include coordination of this $80 million sub-project that required installing additional metering and 11 miles of subsea pipelines to tie-in to the existing UK pipeline network.
  • Taught one-day course in project management at Bergen Technical School (a branch of Norwegian University).
  • Represented Mobil's partnership interest on the material and contract procurement bid committee for development of Oseberg offshore field.
  • Attended AMA's Project management course at Management Center Europe in Brussels, September 1984.
  • Achieved highest score rating ever recorded for Mobil's in-house project engineering course, August 1983.
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc., Stavanger, Norway - 5/82 to 7/82
  • Duties were similar to those for the Gas Treating and Transportation Project referred to above, but for construction of the $2 billion Statfjord "C" offshore platform.
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc., Stavanger, Norway - 09/81 to 05/82
  • Administered inspection programs for the integrity of the Statfjord "A" and "B" offshore platforms (structures having a combined asset value of $3.5 billion) and associated static equipment including piping, vessels, exchangers, et cetera.
  • Expedited all corrective repair actions based on inspection findings and advised the Norwegian authorities regarding such actions.
  • Coordinated contracting of finite element analysis of laminar tearing in structural walls of $80 million offshore tanker loading platform for Statfjord "A".
  • Implemented corrosion and exchanger performance monitoring programs.
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc., Stavanger, Norway - 6/81 to 9/81
  • Performed project work designed to develop a Norwegian offshore maintenance contractor as part of an industrial cooperation agreement in exchange for North Sea gas field concessions.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Buffalo, NY Refinery - 6/79 to 6/81
  • Directed all daily and turnaround planning, scheduling, maintenance engineering, budgeting and cost control efforts.
  • Major achievements included control of spending within 5 percent of budget guidelines, reduction of overtime expense by $100,000 per year, and the complete monitoring of turnaround progress through use of a computer (served as basis for my decision to dismiss in mid-turnaround, a 36 member contract workforce that had fallen one week behind schedule in retraying a crude distillation tower and reassign our in-house crafts to complete the job with a 15 member crew and still meet our completion deadline).
  • During 15 week union labor strike in 1980, I worked as a mechanic performing all types of repair and capital project installation work, and planned and supervised a catalyst change and regeneration for our platinum reformer.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 3/79 to 6/79
  • Responsible for overseeing the spares rotation and equipment availability program.
  • Monitored vibration of rotating equipment using Bentley-Nevada instruments.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 4/78 to 3/79
  • Supervised pipefitters, boilermakers, welders and supporting crafts on daily and turnaround maintenance.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 8/75 to 4/78
  • Scheduled activities of 400-member hourly work force on a daily basis, supervising 5 zone planners and 1 engineer.
  • Developed annual maintenance and capital budgets, and analyzed variances on a monthly basis.
  • Coordinated work order system, and developed a revised work order priority system. 
  • Advised turnaround planners on use of critical path computer program.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 4/75 to 8/75
  • Collected and evaluated operating, technical, and economic data and made chemical engineering calculations to determine flows, temperatures and yields for refinery crude distillation units.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Joliet, IL Refinery - 1/75 to 4/75
  • Performed a complete analysis of the maintenance organization and systems, and developed recommendations for major improvement.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 2/74 to 1/75
  • Refinery capacity was to have been expanded from 100,000 B/D to 250,000 B/D. Until the venture was canceled due to contractor cost overruns, I dealt with the expanded maintenance complex facilities, a new administration building, process unit control house, and all offsite structures.
  • My duties included developing spare parts purchasing procedures, reviewing design memos and writing scope documents.
  • Conducted refinery traffic flow analysis for all phases of construction program.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 6/73 to 2/74
  • Prepared AFE's and wrote Fortran program for lease vs purchase analysis for capital projects.
  • Performed a three-month analysis of the maintenance organization and systems.
  • Performed steam metering - steam balance survey for entire refinery.
  • Analyzed costs associated with wax packaging operations.
  • Audited water treating modernization project.
Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ Refinery - 6/69 to 12/72
  • Conducted feasibility studies for increased catalyst production and contracted filling of outboard motor oil.
  • Provided technical support for lube oil package plant (drum and can filling lines, palletizer and forklifts).
  • Co-assigned to development of a computerized critical path plan for a crude unit turnaround.
  • Performed investment and replacement economic analyses for refinery capital projects.
  • Investigated high laboratory rejection rates for blended lube products.