60's and 70's PHILLY BANDS

These were the top bands playing in the Philadelphia area in the late 60's and not much past 1970. 
Main venues were the Trauma, Electric Factory and various clubs and halls in the area.
More about those venues - Rock Venues That Are No Longer There
I had a lot of good times seeing these bands play.  Frank Piotrowski


Todd Rundgren
Robert Stewkey Antoni
Carson van Osten
Thom Mooney
Nick Jameson
Don Lee Van Winkle
Nicky Indelicato
Don Ferris
Mickey Brook
Randy Monaco
Craig Anderton
Michael Kac
Kevin Lally
YouTube Video
Jim Dahme
Steve Weingart
Bob Patterson
Steve Bruno
Hank Ransome
Mark Oberman
Alan Miller
Greg Radcliffe
Bobby Radeloff
Ron Bogdon

Some other good local bands that I remember from that time were
Sweet Stavin Chain, Thunder and Roses, Good News, and
the Rainy Day Blues Band (Ed Bilski, John Konstanty, Bob Burke and Jack Verner).
Trauma photos of the Truckstop, Todd, Elizabeth from 1967 contributed by Mike Shustack.
Radio Ad for the Trauma
American Dream appears on The Rising Storm and myspace music.
Good web article: Jimi Plays the Spectrum by Frank Moriarty